Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yellow Book Spot Breathes New Life

Something unusual happened the other evening - I saw a TV spot that not only grabbed my attention but also, in my opinion, told a really good story in a way that put a very positive spin on something that up to this point, I think, had been written off.

Check out this spot from Yellow Book, yes, that Yellow Book. From the wedgie to the solution I think this commercial accomplished a few goals.

In this brief 30 seconds Yellow Book...
1. Shuns the common perception that they are strictly this big irrelevant book - they are a valuable resource - yes even online
2. They are focused on local search - this is key - local search has been a sore spot for large search providers Google, Yahoo and MSN for quite sometime. Yellow Book - or any other phone book, already has the position of the leader in localized product and service search - their challenge has been translating that to the web. Well, it looks as though someone either in Yellow Book, at their ad agency or both has an idea of what the future can be.
3. Making the connection between powerful local resource and quality information-rich content that is not bound by paper - they have, can and will transcend the document stage and will be a provider of rich, interactive content - as "futuristic" as this spot tries to be, the reality is sub out the hologram with a large flat screen and this is not so futuristic - it is possible now.

If this spot communicates what the Yellow Book is truly becoming, then they may just have a pretty bright future - after all - even on a keyboard or with a mouse, your fingers do the walking.


Anonymous said...

As crazy as it sounds... I thought the same thing the first time I saw the commercial!

Before I saw this commercial I've used and its really user friendly and right to the point with no mess or confusion that I may be looking at a nail salon in Canton, OH and not Canton, Ma hahaha...

good random piece


Jacob Leffler presents.............. SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATRE said...

Yeah J thanks. I checked ou the site this morning too and they have improved it. For local search it is pretty good when you are looking for specific services like gutter cleaning, plumbers, etc. Those folks really are not plugged in so yellow book gives them an option through their site - when they start offering rich media services for their clients they will really see opportunity explode - just like in their spot.
Thanks for reading.