Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gamers Can Be Found in Most Demo Segments

Gamers are growing older and the Wii is ushering in younger demos to the gaming world. The old stat still rings true - most people make the decision to bounce off of a web site in about 2 seconds. Do you think having content that provides an experience can help improve time spent on site? Do you think gaming will play an increasing role in interactive television? Am I leading the witness with these questions? ;)

Some interesting insights on gaming and who the audience really is from this MediaPost piece.

A clip...

Gamers: They're Not Who You Think They Are

SAN FRANCISCO -- While gamer demographics and targeting potential have long been defined by the medium that they play on--i.e., hardcore gamers play shooters on consoles and soccer moms play casual games on PCs--that logic is slowly but surely being turned on its head.

And according to panelists from the OMMA Gaming session "The Demographics of Play: Who Is Gaming Where and When," marketers that want to fully harness the power of games need to rethink their ideas of who gamers are and what constitutes a game.

For example, console gamers have traditionally been considered to be males ages 18-34 (and in some cases even 18-24). But in May 2008, Nielsen found that three-fourths of Nintendo Wii usage came from players between the ages of 6 and 34. In contrast, the game giant's previous console, GameCube, which launched in the U.S. in 2001, only attracted players ages 2-17 three-fourths of the time.

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