Monday, August 27, 2007

The Answer For Newspapers -- Online Video

Ripped from the digital pages of the Video Insider...

The Answer For Newspapers -- Online Video
by Mike Cassidy, Monday, Aug 27, 2007 12:15 PM ET
"NEWSPAPERS HAVE LONG BEEN SUFFERING a slow decline. Try talking to someone under the age of 18 and asking them where they get their news, weather, sports or classified listings. More often than not, their answers will include non-newspaper sources such as Comedy Central,, Yahoo Sports and Craigslist. Although these online properties have been increasingly eating away at newspaper budgets, there is hope. Personally, I am a big fan of newspapers. I think there is something enjoyable and nostalgic about sitting back and flipping through the pages of print publications. However, this new generation has become so accustomed to acquiring information via social networks, "The Daily Show," MTV, etc. that the tide has shifted for an industry founded by legendary names like Hearst and Pulitzer."

I have written plenty about this issue. It always is nice when others echo similar thoughts.

Click Here to read the entire article.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Don't Take My Word for it - Mr. BBDO Everybody...

Click here to check out this gem from our friends at Reuters and BBDO: New ad tactics can weather economic woes: BBDO

Two things strike me in this article:
1. Is this "new media" really that experimental in 2007?
From the article, "Omnicom Group's BBDO, long known as one of the top creative agencies for 30-second TV commercials, is among the agencies that have expanded into hot new areas, and in the process has won more than $1 billion in new ad accounts each of the past two years." $1 billion in new business? Doesn't sound so experimental to me.

I cannot sight one company that I know of who ran a responsible, proper PPC campaign or permission-based email campaign where it was not successful. The keys here are responsible and proper.

2. Also from the article, "But even before worries over the U.S. economy gained momentum, Osborn said marketers have been demanding that their spending on campaigns be justified with a clear way of tracking their impact on sales." and
"All new technologies make it easier and faster for consumers to do what they wanted to do all along. The bad news about that is you can't expect to hold anyone's attention longer than you can earn it," Robertson said in the interview.

"You've got to create stuff that is sufficiently compelling for them to choose to spend time with it. There is increasing pressure to create that kind of work," he said."

Earn the audience's attention - key. Understand them well enough to understand what they see as value and figure out how you are going to deliver it.

A great piece. Thanks Reuters and BBDO.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Believability or Integrity?

Usually on this blog I talk about some new technology or digital media strategy or some other concept revolving around media/marketing and what not. Usually relating to things that are not considered basic, standard or as simple as the concepts I mention in today's post.

I read a very good piece today that got me thinking about concepts that are about as rudimentary to our lives as pencils and paper. That being said why do some people have a difficult time executing these simple yet self-defining "ways?"

Click here to check out Seven Ways to Build Believability. This really could be titled "Seven Ways to Live with Integrity."

Really, if you live your life executing these seven "ways" are you really "building believability" or simply just living as a person who is known to have integrity? Who doesn't want to deal with a person known to have integrity? Who wants to deal with a witch doctor, a snake oil salesman, a slime ball, an empty suit, or whatever other tag you can come up with for that business person who exhibits behaviors that do not reflect integrity, honesty, sincerity and a get over no matter what it does to you mentality? I don't. It is painful. The short term feel good from the slick talk only goes so far, then when the BS runs out what do you have outside of a splitting headache and empty pockets?

This piece by Mr. Eikenberry, I believe, is intended for sales people. I believe it applies to many others. Choose those you associate with wisely, whether you are buying their goods, they are buying yours, you are doing business as partners, your friends and any one else you associate with. If you don't you just never know what kind of mess you may end up with. It is too bad that we have to be on alert for these types of unscrupulous folk.

Wouldn't it be great if we could relax a bit and just quit being so darn guarded, hey we're all friends here! Oh wait, I just got an email...hmmm...."transferring funds for this ousted King of Tanzania....I could earn a percentage....all I have do is get them my bank account numbers for the wire transfer...."


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

State the Obvious...Or Not

Today in the IAB SmartBrief and some other digital media newsletters the headline is trumpeted...

Report: Web ads will out earn U.S. newspapers by 2011
"The Net ad segment will expand by 21% a year to hit $62 billion in 2011, when it will surpass print, which is projected to reach $60 billion in the same time period, according to a report from Veronis Suhler Stevenson. The forecast also calls for broadcast TV, cable and satellite combined to reach $86 billion in 2011."

I ask this question, how much of that $62 billion in "web ads" will be on newspaper web sites? I have said this before a million times, but will say it again, no one, and I mean NO ONE is better positioned to leverage online advertising than newspapers. They are sitting pretty if someone at a major paper would pull their head out of the sand long enough to understand how they can deliver what they have delivered for years better than anyone else online - news. They already have the position, the brands and the reputation for serious journalism. They only have three weaknesses - 1. timeliness in a digital age and 2. an old crummy ad model that is crippled by point number one 3. an irrelevant obnoxious ad structure to their traditional paper product.

If anyone at our beloved local Indy Star is reading this (or at any other newspaper for that matter) I would be happy to come in and chat with you about a model that could help you trump Google in ad revenue and help you bridge over to the 21st Century. I am sitting on a 40 page document that spells it out step by step.

Click Here to read the full article that originally comes to us from the Financial Times.

Follow Up to LinkedIN Issue

I got LinkedIN to work only after I quit using IE for my Internet browser. I started using Firefox and now LinkedIN is working fine for me.

I purchased a pretty nice HP laptop for the new business and it came with Microsoft Vista Home Premium loaded on it with IE as the default (of course). When I started using this OS and browser combo that is when the problems started. Once I switched to Firefox on the same machine and OS it was fine.

FINALLY I got some response from LinkedIN support and this is what they said...

Thank you for contacting LinkedIn customer support. We apologize for the
looping experience you are having accepting invitations or logging into
your account. There is an anomaly that we are researching is not tied
to a single browser type or operating system affecting a very small
segment of our users. Please be patient and know that your messages
will be waiting on your account as we work through the issue.

Some options that have worked for users who also experienced this issue:

1. Try logging into your account on a different computer if that is

2. Trying clearing the cookies from your computer by following the
instructions below:

I already tried both of those and they did not work, Firefox was the key evidently.

Monday, August 6, 2007

LinkedIN Not Working

I have been very disappointed and frustrated with LinkedIN lately. It is not letting me update my profile information or accpet invites. When I try to update my profile (since I have changed my career path lately) and tried to accept invites from others it simply pushes me back to the sign in page, even though I am already signed in.

Anyone out there have any recommendations? I emailed their customer service through the email address they supply, was told it would be three daysbefore I got a response, it has been 5 and no response.

This stinks.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Official Shoe of The Basement

I almost forgot that every company needs an official shoe. It just so happens ours is the new black suede "Basement" Adidas. Keep an eye out at major retailers it will be available to purchase this fall.