Friday, January 25, 2008

Future Of TV Ad Market: A Lot Like Online's -- Ad Networks, Behavioral Targeting, Etc.

Pulled from Mediapost's Media Daily News...
"THE FUTURE OF TV ADVERTISING will probably be a lot like current state of the online advertising: aggregated advertising networks, behavioral targeting, and automated buying systems enabling small, "long-tail" advertisers to compete alongside the TV industry's biggest marketers and agencies. At least that's what a panel of TV industry executives blazing that path said Thursday during one of the final sessions of the Future TV conference in New York."

Mike Steib, director of Google TV Ads declares, "There's all these opportunities to drive sell out," he said, "much, much closer to 100% and to take the CPMs up significantly when you start matching the right advertising with the right audiences."

Hmmmmm, where have I read this before?? CLICK HERE to read the entire article

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

5 Must Read Articles

1. Why Hires Must Be Experts in Multiple Areas
Key takeaway - The talent pool for this type of hire is very shallow, especially in the midwest. Ease your headache by turning to those that can help you accomplish the same goal without the burden of recruitment, hiring, the associated overhead and ongoing motivation. Find a partner who truly fills the void and offer the added value to your organization/clients.

2. Google: 'We Are Not Starting an Ad Agency'
Key takeaway - No, they are not starting an ad agency. They already own and operate the world's largest media network and could run the world's largest ad conglomerate should they decide to do so tomorrow.

3. Student Envisions Future of Interactive Television
Key takeaway - This is old news, is creeping up in different places, brought to you by various media groups, all tackling it in slightly different ways. Keep your eyes peeled it will be ubiquitous quicker than you think.

4. Websites make it easy to catch a missed TV show
Key takeaway - see story #3

5. Report: Online Ad Market Will Double By 2011
Key takeaway - Is it really still considered an online spend if the content is seen on a television through a digital internet protocol connection? See story #3 AND #4.

Brian Phillips Digital Content Producer of the Week

Hats off to Brian Phillips - he was named Digital Content Producer of the Week by

Just another feather in his cap. Check out the short write up HERE

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Guinness/Psyop Do It Again

Didn't See This Coming :)

ESPN Enters Content Deal with Major League Gaming
Check out the story here

The competitive gaming community has been growing steadily for quite sometime. I suppose enough pro athletes (and enough of ESPN's target audience) get into this now that it made sense for the huge sports network to get into the game. Sorry that was too easy.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

RadioHead Follow Up

Following up on my post Radiohead and Their New Model here is an excerpt from today's Just an Online Minute brought to us by MediaPost...

"Williams and Reznor aren’t the only musicians to experiment with new business models. In a well-publicized move, Radiohead last year made its new album, “In Rainbows,” available on a pay-what-you-wish basis. In the first three weeks the tracks were online, six in 10 downloaders didn’t pay anything, according to comScore. Of those who paid, the average contribution was $6. (Radiohead disputes these figures, but hasn’t yet issued its own.)

Musicians and industry executives will undoubtedly scrutinize these results, but it’s still way too early to draw any definitive conclusions. It often takes time for albums to find their audiences or for casual listeners to turn into paying fans.

Consider also, “In Rainbows” is now No. 1 on the music charts, having sold 122,000 copies since its release on Jan. 1 — three months after the group offered it online for free. On one hand, that’s less than half of the 300,000 copies the band’s last album sold on its first week out. At the same time, it also shows that making free tracks available online isn’t inconsistent with also selling them."

Read the entire piece HERE

Thursday, January 3, 2008

IPTV is Popping Up

Brighthouse made several media trades yesterday and today with their TubeTabs announcement.

This is the platform. It will be interesting to see how Brighthouse uses this new feature and how it is received. There are a lot of possibilities with this. Let's see if they take advantage.