Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Radiohead and Their New Model

After I read this mediapost article, Radiohead Takes Aim At The Record Industry I just smiled and thought to myself here is another large step toward leveling the playing field and leveraging technology, an appreciation for foundational permission-based marketing techniques and unique thinking. Radiohead, or whoever makes the business decisions with them, are some smart cookies.

Some other bands have taken the liberty and seen the rewards to taking production and distribution control over their music, most notably Pearl Jam and a handful of hip-hop artists (see Cash Money Records)but letting your fans name their price for the music?? This is a first and will be, quite possibly, a revolutionary step for the industry.

Check out the full article HERE


Pat Cummins said...

After reading this I stumbled on these semi-follow up articles.

and this one.

PropectorBill said...

Cynical Old Guy Post.
Of course the current system wasn't designed to hold video. Cable barely could in the early days. Jacob, as long as costs are low, relative to performance, then a company is not going to jump on a 100k router.
I've had some hi-tech clients and having the better mousetrap only goes as far as people are willing to spend. You would think 300+ million in venture cash would have produced something. That's a lot of R&D.
To quote a popular Discovery Channel show "busted"