Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sell to the Sellers

I recently read a piece and it made some very good points about how to activate brand messaging and sales communication not only in a way that your customers and potential customers can understand and participate with, but also in a way that your sales team can understand, learn quickly and utilize consistently, in lock and step with the brand.

The article made the point in a very smart and sophisticated way. I am so frustrated with myself for not saving it and linking out to it in this piece. Not like me at all - just a result of being busy.

Anyway, it used an example from Hyundai. Yes, the same Hyundai who has utilized unique and value added marketing tactics to increase sales at a time when most car manufacturers are losing their shirts.

They were operating under the premise that when they spend a ton of money on things like TV spots during the Super Bowl, why should that investment die when the trophy is handed to the winning team? Great point!!

As an example, Hyundai, in an effort to get their brand messaging and experience in the customers hands and provide communication tools for their dealership sales force, take their Super Bowl ads and run them on touch screen kiosks at their dealerships. Their thought process?? To not only extend that investment directly to their customers for interactive brand experience at the point of purchase, but to also provide a tool so their sales people can be on message with the brand and insure that they communicate consistently, and focus on the most important selling points as dictated by the brand. I like their thinking. I like their execution. Evidently their customers do too. Lots of sales growth is the result of this effort integrated with a comprehensive strategy that includes this effort in addition to new car offerings, the best warranty in the business and their customer assurance program. All of this can be delivered through the touch screen alongside their super spots.

I think the main take away here is delivering consistent messaging from all points of the brand, and delivering it from the sales force, both human and electronic. Back in my corporate marketing days, consistent messaging from the brand, national and local, paired with solid operations, insured solid results. Whenever we had inconsistent messaging, it faltered.

Next time I will remember to keep the article so you can read the source.