Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Believability or Integrity?

Usually on this blog I talk about some new technology or digital media strategy or some other concept revolving around media/marketing and what not. Usually relating to things that are not considered basic, standard or as simple as the concepts I mention in today's post.

I read a very good piece today that got me thinking about concepts that are about as rudimentary to our lives as pencils and paper. That being said why do some people have a difficult time executing these simple yet self-defining "ways?"

Click here to check out Seven Ways to Build Believability. This really could be titled "Seven Ways to Live with Integrity."

Really, if you live your life executing these seven "ways" are you really "building believability" or simply just living as a person who is known to have integrity? Who doesn't want to deal with a person known to have integrity? Who wants to deal with a witch doctor, a snake oil salesman, a slime ball, an empty suit, or whatever other tag you can come up with for that business person who exhibits behaviors that do not reflect integrity, honesty, sincerity and a get over no matter what it does to you mentality? I don't. It is painful. The short term feel good from the slick talk only goes so far, then when the BS runs out what do you have outside of a splitting headache and empty pockets?

This piece by Mr. Eikenberry, I believe, is intended for sales people. I believe it applies to many others. Choose those you associate with wisely, whether you are buying their goods, they are buying yours, you are doing business as partners, your friends and any one else you associate with. If you don't you just never know what kind of mess you may end up with. It is too bad that we have to be on alert for these types of unscrupulous folk.

Wouldn't it be great if we could relax a bit and just quit being so darn guarded, hey we're all friends here! Oh wait, I just got an email...hmmm...."transferring funds for this ousted King of Tanzania....I could earn a percentage....all I have do is get them my bank account numbers for the wire transfer...."



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