Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Follow Up to LinkedIN Issue

I got LinkedIN to work only after I quit using IE for my Internet browser. I started using Firefox and now LinkedIN is working fine for me.

I purchased a pretty nice HP laptop for the new business and it came with Microsoft Vista Home Premium loaded on it with IE as the default (of course). When I started using this OS and browser combo that is when the problems started. Once I switched to Firefox on the same machine and OS it was fine.

FINALLY I got some response from LinkedIN support and this is what they said...

Thank you for contacting LinkedIn customer support. We apologize for the
looping experience you are having accepting invitations or logging into
your account. There is an anomaly that we are researching is not tied
to a single browser type or operating system affecting a very small
segment of our users. Please be patient and know that your messages
will be waiting on your account as we work through the issue.

Some options that have worked for users who also experienced this issue:

1. Try logging into your account on a different computer if that is

2. Trying clearing the cookies from your computer by following the
instructions below:

I already tried both of those and they did not work, Firefox was the key evidently.

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