Thursday, August 16, 2007

Don't Take My Word for it - Mr. BBDO Everybody...

Click here to check out this gem from our friends at Reuters and BBDO: New ad tactics can weather economic woes: BBDO

Two things strike me in this article:
1. Is this "new media" really that experimental in 2007?
From the article, "Omnicom Group's BBDO, long known as one of the top creative agencies for 30-second TV commercials, is among the agencies that have expanded into hot new areas, and in the process has won more than $1 billion in new ad accounts each of the past two years." $1 billion in new business? Doesn't sound so experimental to me.

I cannot sight one company that I know of who ran a responsible, proper PPC campaign or permission-based email campaign where it was not successful. The keys here are responsible and proper.

2. Also from the article, "But even before worries over the U.S. economy gained momentum, Osborn said marketers have been demanding that their spending on campaigns be justified with a clear way of tracking their impact on sales." and
"All new technologies make it easier and faster for consumers to do what they wanted to do all along. The bad news about that is you can't expect to hold anyone's attention longer than you can earn it," Robertson said in the interview.

"You've got to create stuff that is sufficiently compelling for them to choose to spend time with it. There is increasing pressure to create that kind of work," he said."

Earn the audience's attention - key. Understand them well enough to understand what they see as value and figure out how you are going to deliver it.

A great piece. Thanks Reuters and BBDO.

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Nice post. You are right. New Media?
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