Monday, July 7, 2008

Big Piece on Interactive TV Ads in USA Today

A great piece in the USA Today talking about interactive tv ads. One of the best pieces I have seen on this topic in awhile. Per many other posts in the SAST it talks about some of the satellite and cable companies and how they are delivering this format. Take what we understand about audience segmentation from email marketing and SEM and apply to this opportunity. Not a whole lot different - just a different delivery system - it is still interactive and digital, still interesting when done well and can be incredibly effective with very accessible metrics to determine effectiveness.

Check out the piece entitled Interactive TV Ads are Clicking with Viewers by clicking HERE

A quote from the piece...
"Cable operators such as Charter, as well as their satellite TV rivals, all are experimenting with such ads. Their goal: battle Internet media for ad dollars by merging a TV commercial's impact with former Web-only selling points such as interactive content, ad targeting based on consumers' personal data and precise effectiveness measurement based on how many people click on an ad for more information.

With a traditional 30-second spot you only know how many people saw it, says Sam Chadha, marketing director for deodorants at consumer products giant Unilever, which has used interactive ads for several products, including Degree deodorant. "Interactive TV lets marketers also study consumer behavior in response to the ad."

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