Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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Pie charts, graphs, numbers, stats, jargon, buzz words, the latest book on the latest trend written by the latest guru for the latest "api" so you can successfully execute a "turn key app."

You sometimes you can take all of that crap, throw it out the window and grow your business by leaps and bounds by simply:
1. Returning a phone call
2. Actually acting like you want someone's business
3. Do what you say you are going to do
4. Sell with some sense of urgency

In the last week I have tried to give at least three different businesses my business and based on their reaction, they could have cared less. I was left scratching my head. I was nice, expressed a high level of interest in what they were offering and showed them the money, yet they still had trouble or simply did not do one, more or all of the above. Someone please tell these people there is supposedly a recession going on - or even that our economy is "in a downturn" because the way these folks acted, you would have thought they had enough business to retire.

Marketing lesson of the day - do the four things above and in the sectors where I am trying to spend my money, you will get my business time and time again.

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