Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Seth McFarlane/Google Teaming Up for AdSense Content

We have talked about it here before - supplementary content, instead of traditional push advertising, taking center stage as a successful ad/marketing medium online. Seems like Google and Seth McFarlane are taking a somewhat related approach.

Check out the blurb and click through to the full story...

How Seth MacFarlane Will Help Breathe New Life Into Old Ads
Here's an Experiment to Watch in a New Rich-Media World

"News of a Google-powered Seth MacFarlane content-syndication play hit the The New York Times today. It describes how Google will turn its AdSense display ad units into mini film units that will run MacFarlane-created videos, bringing advertisers that sponsor the content along for the ride.

Advertisers and content owners will look to turn standard 300 by 250 ad units into expandable video experiences. Old ad real estate becomes a window into a new rich-media world. Environments (sites, games, apps, etc.) that can deliver consumers into these experiences efficiently will be worth more (see my previous post). Page-based inventory is going to find new demand as a starting point for short media and video experiences -- and with it, brand advertising."

Go HERE for the entire story.

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