Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Transitions Launches

Go check out and click through to the interactive guide at

This is a project that the basement recently finished up in partnership with Brandwidth. The reason I am putting this on the blog is that this site is a great example of a balance of form and function. It shows how you can accomplish a goal, communicate online using a lot of different visual tools and the end result is a great experience that educates.

As you go through the quiz and answer questions you will notice that the glasses build themselves based on your responses. The constant updates build over the course of the quiz, and ultimately are dropped in to a document that you can present to your eye care professional to help establish a conversation you may not have had with your doctor before. A combination of flash, 3D models and a pretty robust developed out back end make this all possible.

Focus groups were utilized to help our design team figure out the best possible layout for the interface, and how the motion would be best received by the audience. Also, as you go through the piece you will see links to watch animations. These are integral to educating the audience on different aspects of not only eye health, but how best to maintain it through lens options.

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