Monday, May 19, 2008

More Tribune Hype

The headline reads Tribune Is 'Actually Friggin' Doing It'
Doing what?? They hired a big wig from XM (a company who has to merge with its only one true competitor to stay alive) to become its vp of innovation. Well, I give them credit for hiring someone, paying him, I am sure, a king's ransom and sitting back and waiting for him to provide the silver bullet. I guess they are trying. I really do not think this is the answer.

Really when you think about it, the almighty Google was started by two no-name guys and now it is the company to beat. Amazon, same thing. MySpace, yep. Facebook - once again someone no one knew - created a monster success and an innovator.

These large newspaper companies, in my opinion, need to start going way unconventional to start moving in the right direction. It will be tough, but if they keep going to the same well, they should expect the same bogus results, resulting in more wasted millions. Go HERE and read the full piece. Based on what this article says it seems like so far Tribune is not "friggin doing it."

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