Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gas Station Television

Unintended consequences. How many times is this a consideration? I just finished reading an article about televisions at gas stations, at the pumps. Check this out Gas Station Video Nets Expand, PumpTop TV Biggest

It occurred to me, just how many screens do we really need? Moreover, if I am pumping $4 a gallon gasoline that makes me pretty sour to the entire experience, including what is being shoved in my face as I pump it. So, I ask this question to you broadcasters and advertisers, do you really want your brands associated with that experience? That feeling of frustration that is discussed almost daily in our US culture at this moment in time? While a consumer is being bilked at the pump, and they know they are being bilked at the pump, they are uncertain, uncomfortable and flat out mad as hell about the price of fuel, do you want your message anywhere near that experience or those feelings?

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