Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Evidently I am not the Only One Who Thinks Evista Spot is Odd

Eli Lilly's Ladies' Drug Campaign: Kind of Strange TV Ad?
Posted By:Mike Huckman at CNBC.com

His critique is not as to-the-point as mine, however it is obvious by his writing that he was caught off guard by the strange spot. His term is strange - mine is creepy. For the record since this is a product for women, and not men, I am not in the target so maybe I am not supposed to get it - so for the record my wife was equally as disturbed by this freaky spot. She ran to the fridge and proceeded to drink tons of milk for fear that osteoporosis would sentence her to the towel only Stanley Kubrick-esque alien spa wear the women in this spot seemed to be hanging out.