Monday, November 27, 2006

A Lot to Be Learned

Edelman Urged To Overhaul Wal-Mart Flogs
PUBLIC RELATIONS AGENCY EDELMAN WILL likely need to completely overhaul its online blogging strategy for its large retail client Wal-Mart if it hopes to maintain its membership in the Word of Mouth Marketing Association.
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The world's largest privately owned pr firm cannot even get it right. The worst part is, there has been no sincere action taken by the firm. Richard Edelman, up to this point, from all reports that I have read, hasn't really done much about it. Coming from a guy who is supposed to be a pr whiz, that is rather unfortunate.

This is why we focus on the user. This stuff is user-controlled and those that refuse to acknowledge, respect and happily work within that parameter will suffer from the same fate as Wal-Mart and Richard Edelman.

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