Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Close to Thanksgiving - So Let's Talk Food

The day before Thanksgiving and I really have started to think about food. This is strange to me because I am not a food guy. I eat because I have to. I enjoy very simple foods, thus do not consider eating a big deal.

Some people can talk about food for hours. Not me, there are other things I care about more - like my wife, my kids, rock n'roll, The Sopranos, etc. However, there is one thing that I cannot figure out - the abundance of restaurants and the abundance of people who love to go out to eat at these establishments. A lot of these places are not good, but still get a lot of business.

Is this the result of people just really not wanting to cook? I go and eat at a restaurant and then the next night I will cook, and invariably I will like what I make better, it is healthier and less costly. I am starting to think I am alone here. Maybe it is because the landscape in suburbiaville is littered with chains and they are not good? Maybe I am just weird.

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