Thursday, November 16, 2006

Inaugural Post - welcome

This is the inaugural post to the Short Attention Span Theatre. First let me say welcome and thanks for coming by. As the days, weeks and months progress I will spend some time shooting out some thoughts on the media industry, and more specifically - the future of the media industry.

If you are not in the middle of the swirling winds of change that occupy this industry (and many aren't contrary to industry email newsletters and popular opinion pushed out everyday by such notable outfits as the IAB, MediaPost, ClickZ and the like) this can be a place where you get it in relatively plain speak. A place that will look to demystify and take the techy jargon out of digital communication, how broadband is helping spread this opportunity to anyone willing to leverage it and what it means to you (how you can benefit).

Let's get to it.

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