Wednesday, September 26, 2007

NBCU and Microsoft partner to Bring You More Ads!!

Yeeeaahhhhhh! Just what everyone wants - more commercials. I really do not know where to start. This could launch into a 4 page diatribe and I realize most won't stay tuned for that long. Let me summarize this entire article up in one easy to digestable tidbit.

I quote directly from the piece, "The 'commercials as content' TV aspect debuts Oct. 22 on Ion, where it will run weeknights at 11 p.m. When not on the network,...."

Might I make a bold suggestion that they flip their model the other way around to a "content as commercial" TV aspect? Better yet, let's just leave it at a "content" TV aspect and allow some new thinking to enter the fray as it relates to "commercials." How about replacing commercials with content that is valuable to the audience based on behavior patterns? is it really considered a commercial if the audience actually chooses to engage with supplementary content? Or at that point is it merely add-on programming? Remove the thought process of selling crap to people from the entire equation. Instead figure out what content the audience sees as valuable and let them either choose it or leave it based on other content selection choices.

Someone steal my idea and make it work please. If not we will be stuck with...wait I cannot even remember the last commercial I saw, I must have changed the channel to other non-commercial content.

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