Sunday, September 9, 2007

Press - the good and bad of it

What a week. The Basement got lots of press. That is great and I would like to thank all of our friends at the Indy Star, Inside Indiana Business and the IBJ for their willingness to run with the story of our new company launch.

The downside is sometimes the reporters do not get the story 100% correct. In the IBJ column, for example, it listed web development as one of our services - actually that is not accurate. We are a not a web development firm and anyone who has met with us in the last 30 or so days understands that. Also it listed Cantaloupe as a competitor, which they are not since we do not produce video podcasts and they do not produce animation or motion graphics for web or broadcast. Fine lines, but lines none the less.

Either way we are grateful for the coverage and we have seen web traffic at spike and our inbound leads spike as a result.

I have said, and executed for years, the combination of digital and pr communiaction is extremely effective.

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