Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What Timing

Read my last post then read this short piece from the MIXX awards from Seth Godin. Maybe Seth and I ought to get together and chat.

Pulled from the IAB's Daily SmartBrief:
Godin: This is the year
Author and marketing guru Seth Godin sat down with noted journalist Charlie Rose for an on-stage interview at the MIXX 2.7 conference. In front of a packed house, Godin explained his views on the new media environment. He said that when people look back from decades in the future, they will say that, "2007 was the year that it changed." What changed was that "detritus from the bubble" had cleared and there was no longer the need to waste time convincing marketers about the viability of online media or consumer access to broadband Internet. He said the way marketers think about advertising has to change, as well. The future, he said, "is not about finding new ways to hold people hostage."

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