Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Maxi Pads, Now Senior Living

Before reading this reference my post regarding the maxi pad direct mail from a few weeks ago. Same point, different direct mail.

This past week I got a piece of direct mail for a senior living facility/community or whatever you call it. The people in the pictures on the cheesy brochure were easily in their eighties and apparently having pone hell of a time - or at least getting some dandy meds from their caretakers at this facility. Regardless - I am far from being an octogenarian and am even too young for my mother live in one of these places. So, since this blog discusses effective, and not so effective marketing, why in the world am I getting direct mail for the silver eagle living community and why is someone poor sap paying someone to create and mail this crap to my house??

For the record, if I was shopping for a "senior community" I would not move into this place based on the obviously overstated exuberance of the people captured for the brochure. All it made me think of was the place Happy Gilmore sent his grandmother when she lost her home. Ben Stiller as a fu-man-chu sporting orderly still has me freaked out.

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