Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Deconstructing Hulu (and other content aggregators)

Well I am a confessed Hulu fan. I love the model. Take old content, and even some new , and throw it out onto the web for folks to view, and maybe even make a little ad revenue off it in the meantime. I mean after all, where else could you offer up reruns of The Facts of Life?

Seriously, it is a clean interface, makes content easy to find, and they seem to be adding content to the network based on user feedback. Not too shabby.

One thing I think is tell tale network is the ad model. It is pretty weak. Kudos for limited commercial interruption, but when will they take the next step and completely re-think and deliver a better model? One that brings more value to both audience and advertiser? I have spent enough time on this blog spouting off about ad models, even step by step putting out models that would be more relevant to the audience than the "30 second spot." Usually I would link to all my past posts on this subject to prove my point, however today I will not. I will simply sit on them and let you find them yourself.

A wise man once said, "There is always a better way."

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