Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Basis of Our Studio

The Basement is now five years old. Those five years have gone past incredibly fast. Throughout our short life span we have addressed the same question, "So why is your name The Basement? Is your office in a basement?"  The answer is, "No, we are not located in a basement and that is not the reason for our name." It is always enlightening to experience people's literal nature.

I guess it is time to plant our stake in the ground and provide a documented answer for the masses. The name of our organization stems from a state of mind. A space where creativity and ingenuity are not only free to flow but are encouraged, pushed along and executed with glee, delight and raw enthusiasm.

The next chasm new acquaintances sometimes have a hard time crossing is the fact that we specialize in both interactive and animation and all of the possibilities this mix creates. Traditionally, you had these two separate and distinct skill sets and they did not live under the same roof. The interactive designers and developers played in their pen and the animation/motion graphics designers and producers played in theirs in a more traditional broadcast paradigm. No longer is this acceptable. Especially when you consider the opportunities in a marketing and advertising market. A long time ago we realized that the lines between the desktop, mobile, DOOH and broadcast were blurring at a quick pace and marketers/advertisers, as a result, could really take new approaches and see new benefits. We created our studio to concept, design and develop for both as we knew they were on a collision course. Interactive has been adopting broadcast qualities for quite some time and broadcast is rapidly becoming more interactive. Smart phones are only the tip of the iceberg. Smart televisions are now emerging in mass and will continue to grow market share and the technology to support fully interactive television will consistently improve. The Basement was conceived and born to service this opportunity, from day one. Were we a bit ahead of ourselves? Maybe. In the meantime we have helped countless clients and partners understand the opportunity through numerous desktop, mobile and broadcast opportunities, as it presented itself at that point in time, and as they progress moving forward. A complete view of the landscape, if you will. During this time The Basement has established a reputation for progressive solution engineering, creative execution and unique thinking. Most importantly, we have helped our clients solve problems, succeed in meeting objectives and helped place them in a market-leading position.

As the market progresses we are embracing it and growing with this opportunity. Our clients have reaped the benefits for the past five years and will continue to be the most progressive in their verticals.

As The Basement continues to roll out our refreshed brand and new client work for the world to see hopefully you will have a better understanding and context of where we are coming from and where we are going.

Stay fascinated.

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