Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marketing Perspective

I just finished reading this piece by Pete Blackshaw, in Ad Age, CMO Strategy.

The piece is titled, Marketers, Get Back to Boring. well when I first saw the title I thought to myself, "This will suck." However, once I started reading I realized this guy was pretty much spot on. He is not advocating lame communication or ad strategy, he is advocating sound, grounded and most importantly effective communication, marketing and advertising strategy.

A few excerpts...
"I call this out for good reason. Social media and digital marketing will only succeed -- and sell through the organizational layers -- if we ground it in deeper, more established marketing truths, not ephemeral campaigns, one-trick pony moments, or hypocritical oaths or proclamations."

"Leadership: At the end of the day, what truly matters is less about social smarts than good, old-fashioned leadership. Leaders inspire and drive change -- irrespective of platform, cause or brand. Most important, great leaders always follow the consumer. Whether the consumer's hanging out the in living room, or hanging photos on their Facebook page, we have to be here. If you dissect the great case studies behind what's happening in our marketing transformation, especially on the social-media scene, the DNA of great leadership is unmistakable."

Hopefully that was enough to compel you to read the entire piece HERE.

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