Friday, October 3, 2008

CMO Budgets Shrink, Shift Even More to Digital

This article distributed by Marketing Vox proclaims surveyed CMOs have less to spend but continue to shift more to digital.

A Quote...
"To offset budget cuts, CMOs are shifting to more targeted and measurable marketing strategies. When asked how their firm determines target market for each channel, 50 percent said they use data-driven marketing techniques: 31 percent stated they use sophisticated modeling tools to analyze existing customer data (behavioral, preference and demographic) and 19 percent said that they analyze past purchase behavior. In contrast, 28 percent said they made rough estimates based on past experience."

In summary - segmented, targeted audience(s), objective oriented creative driving conversion and lastly engaging online experience retaining the segmented audiences).

Advertising agencies examine the market data and conclude growth will come from expanding digital capabilities not only in analytical opportunities, but also through the online experience (creative executed through cutting edge flash, animated environments, etc.) that lead the audience through to the conversion, however it is defined.


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