Saturday, April 5, 2008


Right now I am posting this entry from the service waiting area at my local Toyota dealership. I am connected through my cell phone because the dealership has no wireless connectivity for its customers. When are these folks going to learn??

This dealership has a computer room for its customers full of computers that are probably at least five years old. That is a great service for its customers but unfortunately it does nothing for their marketing or customer experience. They could sell these machines for scrap, take that money and buy one heck of a powerful wireless modem - or hook up with my friends at eWireless and pay about $60 a month to provide the service for their customers. Simple enough.

Only after that does it get interesting. Why not require any user to sign in with their name and a password? Once that happens they can take that name and match it to their service database info. to determine what kind of car is being serviced and tailor offers that can be delivered through the wireless network that are actually relevant to that customer, promoting either a car sale or additional service opportunities?? In this scenario they have opportunities to establish customer loyalty, positive feelings toward the brand depending on how nice the offer is and if it is relevant, and make life a bit easier for customers by offering free wireless while they wait for their automobiles.

Not complicated and in this guy's opinion a lot more effective than the crummy letters I get in the mail trying to convince me to come in and test drive a new car for a chance to win free groceries.


jdj said...

Thanks for the plug J. I don't get it either that at many of the places we wait most; eg, our kids orthodontist appointments, oil changes, etc businesses don't get it. With many of our devices today having wifi, its not just us notebook toting geeks. It's PDA's, iPod's and our cell phones. When implemented right, it can be a marketing tool and a market differentiator for businesses.

Jacob Leffler presents.............. SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATRE said...

Yeah, when I was at my dentist office last I thought the same thing. They have all of this other crap in there - crummy magazines that are two years old, fancy couches, etc. Drop a few bucks to get the place wireless so I can get some work done while waiting.