Sunday, December 30, 2007

After Watching Some TV Today...

I watched some news shows this morning and later in the day some football. After this unusually large amount of TV viewing today I walked away understanding a few things...
1. If I were to ever take either Cialis or Viagra the amount of side effects far outnumber the benefits - and large amounts of alcohol should not be consumed prior to ingesting these pills - LOL
2. The NFL is still extremely fun to watch - even on little TVs
3. Most of the commercials I saw were for either cars, car dealerships or prescription drugs - I am not in the market for any of these
4. If I was in the market for a car I sure as hell would not visit any dealership I saw advertised on TV today - in fact I think those ridiculous ads have the opposite effect
5. I usually enjoy CBS Sunday morning, but it really stunk today
6. Large amounts of alcohol should be consumed prior to watching Cleo Lemon play quarterback

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