Friday, May 7, 2010

Hard Time Writing

It has been tough lately to find time and topics to write about. I am not motivated to jump on the Apple v. Flash bandwagon, nor do I give a crap about Apple, the iPad or any other iDevice that seems to be taking up space in every fan boys blog and backpack these days.

As I sit here I think about much more important things like when are the wife and baby going to get home from the ER? Is my son in bed or is he running around his room again? The list goes on with family, the businesses and all other things that fill my busy head.

I am finding it hard to write about digital trinkets built to be old news in 3 months, ad network consolidation or even the almighty media landscape and its non-stop evolution.

Perhaps I will get back on the bully pulpit soon, but for now I am taking a rest from it. We have a lot of really cool stuff going on, but it would not be wise for me to start talking about all of it here now. It is in development and will be released in good time.

Until then, check out the Basement facebook page or my twitter feed for sporadic thoughts.

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