Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shut Up and Execute

This one will be short. With all of the conduits for individuals to shout their expertise there is no shortage of experts, presenters, pundits, critics, commentators, observers with opinion, anchors, et al.

With all of this great information flying around, it seems it has provided a severe shortage of individuals and organizations that can actually do something (of value). While everyone trips over themselves (and others) to obtain the ever so valued "engagement" they seem to run the opposite way from actual execution. After all it is easy to talk about the changing world, it is easy to post wisdom when it is restricted to 140 characters and it is easy to grab facts off of a Google search and regurgitate them through a blog.

It is hard to fulfill a contract, it is hard to make payroll, it is hard provide your staff with good health care, it is hard to make a commitment and actually follow through, it is hard to shake some one's hand, look them in the eye, commit to their business and execute to their success. It is very hard to do all of this with regularity, integrity, loyalty, profitably and over a long period of time.

If all of the aforementioned things were easy everyone would have a successful business and stellar reputation. My mother used to tell me, "Just worry about yourself. Do not waste time worrying about what others are doing." She was right, so I, and my organization, spend less time these days trying to "engage" and we spend much more time executing on commitment and insuring the success of our client partners.

Funny thing that execution, it tends to make people want to continue doing actual business with you. It has proven to be much more valuable than a "follow."

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