Monday, July 6, 2009

Twitter Made Me a Lazy Blogger

Not really, I have just been way too busy to take the time to compose a cogent piece for this blog.

I will say there is plenty of material for you to peruse from the past three or four years of me writing on here. The old stuff can get pretty spicy too - good reading.

One quick rant...
My four year old daughter received a piece of direct mail the other day from American Express. Will someone tell AMEX that they can fire their direct mail vendor. Sending credit card applications to 4 year olds is about as bad as you can get. She was geeked though. She is going to go buy herself a Bounce Planet franchise tomorrow.

I promise I have been cooking up some new stuff and when I get a moment to breathe I will post it on this very blog. I promise.

Until then...

1 comment:

Ickydime said...

man, I thought getting constant spam from Chase about signing up for a new account was bad (I already have one). 4yr old... that is ridiculous. They don't check anything, what a waste for them and us.