Friday, February 20, 2009

Marc Andreessen on Charlie Rose Last Night

I try not to stay up so late on week nights, but lately I have created a bad habit of staying up well past midnight. One reason is Charlie Rose. Not so much because of him, but because he gets some really good guests on and it is a straight forward Q and A format. I dig it. I just wish he was on earlier than 12am EST.

Last night he had Marc Andreessen of Netscape/Jim Clark fame and now he involved with a lot of major web applications companies - two of them being Facebook and Ning. They have not posted any of Marc's interview video yet on but I am hopeful it will be added soon. It is not in YouTube either.

Marc gave his take on all sorts of things like Facebook, their value, Twitter, Ning, Google, mobile, etc. It was cool and insightful to hear someone who is actually in the thick of a lot this stuff give his take. Smart guy, obviously.

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