Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You = 1, Your Audience = Many

I had a great discussion yesterday with some smart people about a new application for the iPhone. After some discussion with Brian Phillips about the idea it occurred to me that more consideration for the target audience was critical to make this a viable app.

This is common. Not unusual. It always helps to get perspective from others when immersed in ideas for a new offering. Individuals in this day and age who are immersed in new technology often forget that the gross majority of the US citizenry is not as plugged in as they are. There is a learning curve, so to help make up for this curve an understanding of lifestyle and habits is needed to help make a new offering that is not only a good idea, but is a successful business. After all when coming up with new ideas that are intended to generate a lot of interest, thus turn a profit, they need to be viable from a business perspective, not just be something cool that you would enjoy. You cannot often will something into success, it takes many to make a successful product or service.

The moral of the story is, understand your market/audience, then apply your technology to somehow improve or affect their situation, life or outcome. To create a technology, then try and force the market to accept has proven to be folly...no matter how much you like it.

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