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Eight and a Half Minute Audience Engagement

I have mentioned the work we did for Brandwidth and their client Transitions in the past. I wanted to post the major points of the official case study on this successful project. They are worth checking out because of the execution to success as defined by the goals of the end client.

It is important to understand before you read the case study that the client defined success by 1. driving individuals to the micro site and 2. getting those individuals who visited the site to completely finish the 27 question quiz.

Impossible with today's quick to opt out audiences? Not at all. Read on to find out how results of this campaign included 37,000+ monthly unique visitors to the micro site, an average web site visit time of over eight and a half minutes and over 70% of the unique visitors completing the quiz.

It is worth the read if you are trying to figure out how to KEEP your audience engaged.

Case Study: EGG 2.0
Date: 11/25/2008
Author(s): Adam Hayes, George Evans, Jacob Leffler

How an Eyeglass manufacturer nets a 63% conversion rate and an average site visit time of 8 minutes 42 seconds.

Can traditional mediums such as broadcast advertising, outdoor or print substantiate and quantify their value to a brand? Can a true conversion rate for these mediums be ascertained? Can it be done while driving qualified traffic to an online space? An eyeglass lens manufacturer wanted to find out.

The resulting multichannel campaign: a truly integrated program that combined offline and online strategies to promote an interactive online survey and engage consumers in an as-before-unheard-of level of dialogue with the marketer’s complex channels of distribution.

Stimulate dialogue between the distribution channels (eyecare professionals, dispensing optical labs, optical retailers) and prospective eyeglass customers. Interactive. Impactful. Dynamic. Compelling. Informative. And reflective of Transitions, the #1 manufacturer of photochromic lenses in the world.

Introducing EyeGlass Guide 2.0, a highly interactive, informative and easy-to-navigate web space that serves as entry to a revolutionary interactive online eyeglass selection tool as well as a host of rich media product information presentations. Versions are in production for Canada, South America, Mexico and now Pacific Rim markets. Merchandised with national consumer creative in Newsweek, People and Health magazines as well as in-store display materials.

Tactic #1: Concepts and Market Research

The concepts for both the online tool, the new resource web space as well as advertising support/merchandising efforts (trade and consumer advertising) were reviewed with both consumer and optical trade audiences (focus groups) and refined based upon input received. Objective: Underscore the importance of lenses in the buying decision. Theme: Turning Eyeglasses Into My Glasses.

Tactic #2: Site Redesign

The resource site was totally re-designed to make the experience more dynamic and the navigation more welcoming and intuitive. Conceptually, the preliminary site design was based upon actual consumer testimonials that supported the underlying messaging strategy that EGG2.0 is the definitive eyeglass guide online resource.

Tactic #3: Interactive Tool

At the heart of EGG2.0 is an interactive tool that allows a user to literally design a pair of eyeglasses from the lenses up. Working through a series of questions, eyeglass wearers define their lives, their lens needs, lens options that fit their lifestyles as well as provide information that helps them start thinking about the frame selection process.

Tactic #4: Rich Media/Product Animations.

Specific product attributes (UV protection or the need for an anti-reflective treatment) and lifestyle requirements (lenses for kids, lenses for older adults) were featured in a number of animated product videos that could be accessed as needed from within the tool or from within the body of the resource site itself. As a consumer needed more specific product information, all they had to do was click on specially marked links that took them to more comprehensive product information.

Tactic #5: Internet Marketing & Media

Preliminary banners were implemented at launch to support an ongoing PPC campaign. A new program featuring animated point rolls and interactive ads launches after the first of the year, 2009. A new SEO proposal was also developed for 2009.

Tactic #6: National Magazine Inserts

Lifestyle ads in Newsweek, People and Health will drive traffic to the site and tool.

Tactic #7: On-line distribution of in-store display materials

An in-store version of the tool was developed as part of an integrated point-of-sale program. A brochure version of the tool, postcard mailers and in-store displays are all available through an online portal that allows download of support material by engaged eyecare professionals.

Tactic #8: Merchandising of efforts to the optical trade (presentations/sell in to eyecare professionals, labs, retail distributors, managed care companies, partner manufacturers (lenses, frames, etc.) and to the national sales force (feature presentation at annual global sales meeting)

A range of materials, from PowerPoint presentations to collateral support materials to on-line support materials have been developed to sell the program into retail partners, managed care companies, optical labs, eyecare professionals and internal sales managers. Extensions of the program to manufacturing partners as well as distribution channels in Canada, South America, Mexico, Europe and the Pacific Rim have made the merchandising of the program essential to its continued growth and success.

A 63% conversion rate (more than 60% of visitors to the web space engaged with the interactive tool), an average time on site of 8 minutes, 42 seconds and an 80% tool/survey completion rate across an average monthly volume of 37,850 unique website visitors! Response, conversions and simple engagement to the space and the tool are more than double that of the first-generation EGG. Manufacturing partners, managed care companies and global distributors are all actively seeking ways to integrate this program into their own sales efforts for 2009 and beyond.

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