Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Question Begs to Be Answered

I asked a question yesterday at the end of my post that begs for an answer.
I will ask it again...

If you pay millions to expose potentially millions of people to your brand for potentially thirty seconds and have no real way to know how many were exposed, what would you pay to expose them to and have them interact with your brand for over eight minutes?? You can quantify this audience and time engaged as hard fact. What is that worth?

My answer is the bar has been set with broadcast spend rates - either they need to come down or savvy online marketers need to shed the beggar's garb and ask for a reasonable fee commensurate with real, tangible results.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that eight minute stat is pulled from an actual project we worked on with an agency partner on behalf of a large national brand. I guarantee they are paying considerably more for their broadcast spend (30 second spots) for the same campaign. The site we created is retaining over 35,000 unique visitors a month for an average of eight minutes forty three seconds.

What is your answer??

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