Thursday, September 18, 2008

Web 2.0 Expo session - Designing for the Internet(s) of the Future

Okay, this presentation by Genevieve Bell from Intel was quite possibly the worst I have seen in a long time. Not because she was not smart or couldn't talk about international culture all day long, but because the expectation set by the title and summary for the presentation is not what was delivered. I do not want to give this any more time so I will simply copy and paste my notes from what I heard below for your viewing pleasure. Wish I could have been more positive on this one but it was pretty lame.

Designing for the internet(s) of the future preso

- beyond the PC
- mobile, gaming devices, embedded devices
- well beyond anglo culture – asian culture, Russian, Portuguese, Japenese, etc.
- new sites, new experiences, new services
- the presenter is an anthropologist by formal training
- she is spending waaaaayy too much time talking about finite details of little pieces of design and international cultures – no info on actual effective design – her presentation’s design is not only hideous it is convoluted and counter intuitive based on the size of the room and the information presented.
- She is all over the place and likes to talk about herself…a lot
- She really likes china and is talking about their web sites a lot – interesting since the Chinese government controls and censors the internet – big ups China
- Now she is talking about connectivity rates – come on – this sucks!!!!!!!!!!!
- Now she is espousing on the foundational value proposition of the internet – seriously?? Is this 1995?
- So far here are the takeaways – she is well traveled, very smart, very funny, knows a lot about international culture, esp. in Australia and China, hangs out with university intellectuals, thinks video content on the web has just picked up in the last 6 – 8 months LOL, likes talking about bandwidth…repetitively
- Now she is talking about connectivity in Britain
- Where is the talk about design???? At least make the obvious leap from connectivity to its impact on design and rich media capabilties
- More government talk about India, China, Britain, etc.
- I feel like I am in an high school level international government class
- She is suggesting that government should establish behaviors and user participation/citizenship for the internet – WOW LOL LOL enough I am out of here
- This preso is way misrepresented by the title

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