Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Web 2.0 Expo session 1 - The Moonwalking Bear

Yeah that is the title of this presentation - basically a presentation on helping corporate America get tuned in and understanding web 2.0.

Joshua Ross is the presenter.

About twenty minutes in and this is pretty good. Joshua is doing a good job exhibiting in direct, clear language how he uses web 2.0 in his everyday life and translating what that means from a consumer's stand point and consequently what it means to providers of goods and services.

He also is touching on different aspects of business that are being affected by web 2.0 such as the obvious - marketing/sales and some not so obvious - human resources and legal.

Lots of standard examples given to prove his points - linking up customers, audience reaction, how that reaction is distributed online, how you manage it, etc. Pretty standard stuff but good to hear anyway.

Another good point - things are moving in real-time on today's web. Not a new or profound point but good to hear and relate to opportunities and challenges.

More examples given of how larger companies do not see, understand or realize how web 2.0 is spreading communication about them - good or bad. Subsequent point - you cannot stop it, only hope to ride the wave. Pretty standard stuff.

When I get to my next presentation around 10am I will check back with another summary.

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