Tuesday, September 16, 2008


As i sit in NYC and discuss a few web related topics with some friends from Creative Alliance, the thought of simplification (which will yield a higher level of focus) will not escape my mind.

I asked Brendan (an ex-Yahoo staffer) about the Google and Yahoo partnership. What does he think about it. he said he did not care and ultimately he did not htink it would yield any kind of silver bullet for Yahoo. His response was get rid of Yang and go from there.

I had not been on Yahoo for a long time so I re-visited the site. I did not go past the homepage. Visually it did nothing for me. Functionally whatever it offers from its homepage I did not think I could not get anywhere else in a faster, more intuitive and format yielding a quicker and higher quality result.

My thoughts on Yahoo after this brief encounter - simplify. Figure out what you have that no one else does, simplify to that, take the resulting focus and excel. Once you excel, communicate it to the market like a bat out of hell.

Seems simple doesn't it?

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