Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Comcast Totally Sucks

Wow, now I am reminded why I do not have cable television. Aside from the cable companies not really having much to offer in the way of television services aside from a forced menu at a forced price, which airs a lot of re-runs, second rate movies and low-grade customer service I am now finding that their horrible service extends well beyond their television offering to their high speed internet offering.

I have been going back and forth with Comcast for the last three weeks trying to get them to service my commercial account. They billed me within a blink of an eye, however to get them to come out to my office to actually turn on the service is, well, lets just say unacceptably slow.

I initially called to get our new temporary office hooked up two weeks ago and it took them one full week to show up and plug four wires into a cable modem. Took their tech like 10 minutes to do. One week!! That was only because I called and emailed them repetitively to commit to coming out and hooking us up. They never even called to set an appointment - after one week!!

Now that we are ready to move into our permanent offices, I called them last Friday to get our service moved down the hall, and they still have not called me back to get it transferred. 4 business days and not even a phone call. Amazing. I called today and they had no one in their office that could tell me when we are scheduled for service transfer. LOL LOL.

Comcast you suck. I advise anyone who reads this never to utilize Comcast or any other sorry cable company for service if you can avoid it. I have avoided the phone company for several years because of similar issues (VOIP only for me through a third party) and as soon as I get a choice, I will drop the cable company, specifically Comcast, like a bad habit.

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