Monday, June 9, 2008

Good Old Network Location

Analytics packages for web sites are a hoot. I have enjoyed playing around with them for a long time. The best in my opinion is the good old network location drill down in the visitors area of most analytics packages. That is where you go to see what organizations firewalls are being detected and you can at least get a general idea of who has been on your site.

A quick snapshot of who has been viewing this blog in the last seven days - and some of these are just funny, some not so funny:
Cox Communications
AC Nielson
Administrative Office of the United States Courts (yeah, what are they doing here??)
Ball State University
BEA Systems
Cal State University Network
City of Mississauga
Financial Times
J Walter Thompson USA
Whittman Hart
University of Detroit Mercy
universita l. bocconi - milano
Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue (First a federal court, now some big law firm, why am I feeling nervous???)
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Rochester Institute of Technology
Twentieth Century Fox

and the grand finale...............the US Senate Sergeant at Arms
Yeah, I could not make that up - the US Senate Sergeant of Arms (or at least someone browsing the web through that firewall) was on my blog

Now I am really sweating bullets - would you want this guy looking at your blog????

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