Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Big Increases for Digital, Mobile

Straight from the Editor and Publisher, yes you read that right, Editor and Publisher...
Report: Digital, Mobile Advertising Revenues On the Rise

"The second annual World Digital Media Trends report, released at a meeting of the World Association of Newspapers, said the digital platforms of newspapers are growing at a double-digit rate worldwide, as the world increasingly goes online. The report, compiled with the help of 71 research groups, said digital and mobile advertising revenues are expected to increase 12-fold from 2002 to 2011, to about $150 billion worldwide."

"Even after newspapers generate enthusiasm among their traditional print staff for new media, they still have to find and provide the resources and qualified personnel for doing both, he said at the three-day meeting 1,800 publishers, editors and other senior newspapers, which started Monday."

Shortast commentary: I do not think there is anything new here - as IP networks grow beyond the personal computer screen, more and more communication channels will find themselves devoting more time and resources to their online effort - and collecting more ad dollars through that same IP channel.

As it relates to recruiting qualified personnel, newspapers do have a challenge - they have to compete with companies who have been attracting this talent for years in a very shallow talent pool. What can newspapers do to shake their reputation as old school to attract the best personnel?

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