Monday, November 26, 2007

Indiana, Where Art Thou?

The top ten states for starting a business were listed recently by Fortune. Check out the list by clicking here. They also list the ten worst. Is it any wonder that DC comes in dead last? The political capital of the country and the absolute worst place for starting a business (enter cricket sound effects here). Hmmmm I wonder if there is any correlation?

Since Indiana is not listed in the top ten I guess I can comment here - or at least ask some questions?
If you are aggressively trying to become a hot bed for entrepreneurial start ups and recruiting other proven winners from other states do you look at a list like this and take a lot of notes?

If you see this list do you get upset that you are not on it? Do you care?

I would like to know where Indiana resides on this list. I do know Indiana is not in the top ten or the bottom ten.

I am no Doug Karr, but I have some pretty smart folks that read this blog and I would like to hear their commentary about good old Indiana and what our beloved state could do to work themselves in to the top ten.

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