Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Digital campaigns, Part 3 - Distribution Channels

All right part three of the five part series...

Distribution. The internet has really made this a bit more accessible and afforadable for the local band, the independent filmmaker, the company who wants to grow quickly and just about everyone else with a pc and a high speed connection.

Let's apply part one, permission with part three, distribution. Find the connectors (those that will like what you are offering so much that they will send along to their larger audiences) and ensure that you are offering relevant information or offerings to them and 'poof' they will turn around and distribute your material to their larger audience. Is it really that simple? If you get permission, are relevant, and offer an engaging experience - yes it can be that easy. Don't believe me? Check out and understand that the 100,000+ unique visits it achieved in about one week could not have happened without connectors passing it along through blogs, forums, web sites, emails, MySpace, YouTube, etc.

This is a new day and age and broadband makes the transfer of our information faster than we could have ever imagined. Coming soon, part four, Interactivity.

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