Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Viacom and YouTube at it again

The Online-Video Takedown Smackdown
Filmmakers say their material is being unfairly removed from video-sharing sites, accusing Viacom and its ilk of censorship
A great piece in this week's BusinessWeek magazine.

To check out the entire article go here.

Awhile back I wrote about Viacom and NBC getting nasty about their content being posted to sites like YouTube. The general feeling was who cares if these large media companies pull their stuff from YouTube? You can find their content on the TV anyway. Reserve the space online for content that otherwise cannot get accessed through traditional mediums. Now, according to this article from BusinessWeek due to Viacom's aggressive content removal approach, content that is not in violation of any copyright laws is being yanked off of YouTube. Wow, this is heating up to be quite a mess for everyone.

One thought I had, it is kind of funny how these large media companies (who by the way make billions off of their content) are going after and upsetting a lot of people who may very well be their patrons in some way, shape or form.

I believe these companies (Viacom, NBC and others) have every right to monetize their content, I mean that is their business model, however their ignorance to how this posting of their content promotes their profit center is astounding.

They are only making heroes out of those they are trying to hurt. You would think with all of the money, resources and personnel that Viacom, NBC and others have, they would be able to come up with a solution that kept their content profitable, kept their patrons/audience happy and helped them transition into the new information age. It is truly amazing that they continue to proceed without a clear solution. Interesting stuff.

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