Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lead Generation - What it is all about

Seriously what do you have a web site for anyway? It is the sales person that never sleeps. It help your audience better understand you, your value - your story. In this day and age it is your own private network. In turn it generates leads for your organization. Here is an article that makes some good points about how to optimize your web property for lead generation. I will say that you can add a "#6" to the author's "5 tips."

Last but not least - you have no right to bore your audience. I have read and agree with research that suggests that most web browsers make the decision to stay or go on a site within 2 seconds. Let's face it - pics and text don't grab the senses like they used to. Strategic, engaging content that understands your audience enough to be relevant and valuable to their lives (not necessarily yours) is a great way to get them and keep them on board; then you can focus on getting them to convert to a lead. Enjoy the read.

Practicing the Best in Online Lead Gen
By Dan Felter | January 22, 2007

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