Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It new year's day approximately 9:10 am, the kids are watching Peter Pan, my wife is getting things organized for school (she is a teacher) and I am blogging until I fix everyone breakfast. Doesn't feel so new to me yet.

Last night Beth (my wife) and I were watching that super cool guy Carson Daly and his New Year's Eve countdown to 12 o'clock. We watched maybe 20 minutes. It was interesting only because he kept making it a point to mention the TIME magazine Person of the Year issue only about 10 times and how 2006 was an important year for the web. He went on to talk briefly about YouTube and MySpace.

I found it so ironic. When he was conducting his interviews and just bantering about it seemed very loose and unscripted, but when he started waxing philosophical about 2006 he seemed to jump straight to the teleprompter and read very rigidly from the screen. A TV guy reading verbatim from a script praising the web and it's ability to empower us, the general public, and give us a voice - all from reading a teleprompter like a robot - during a goofy New Year's Eve countdown show. It felt strange to me. Very strange. Whatever the case I love seeing the traditionals giving the web it's props.

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