Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Bud.TV - what took so long?

Ran across a new piece this morning regarding the large new initiative created by Anheuser Busch - Bud.TV
The headline...
Anheuser-Busch Speaks! Execs Talk Bud.TV

Let me give you the highlights, most of which are pulled straight from the article which I link to, in full, below...

- On February 5, 2007 they will launch an online entertainment network called Bud.TV. The research suggests, that adults 21 to 27 are using the Internet minimally six hours a week, and obviously that's growing. Budweiser needed to continue to move more of their marketing, and specifically media resources, as they try to reach the consumer, into the digital space.

- Whoa!! 10% of their total media budget, $606.7 million, was the budget for this project. That is coming directly out of network TV and cable TV spending.

- It is likely you will never see a 30-second promotional, other than maybe showcasing Bud Super Bowl spots. It will be using the Internet in a way that 21- to 27-year-old consumers will appreciate. There will be many consumer user components; AB brands will be more integrated into the programming and the site, almost in the form of product placement versus the traditional 30-second commercial.

- There are going to be seven, maybe eight, channels as they get started with different themes.

- The content that AB develops and what airs on Bud.TV will be proprietary; unless you download it and stream it to a buddy, you will not be able to see their content on any other site.

- AB says they wanted their creative to be proprietary, however and I quote "Now, say that one of the TV Shows, 'Replaced By a Chimp' airs for three weeks, and we move one of our shows to archives and somebody else, like say, YouTube wants it on their site… somebody may put it up on YouTube anyway, or on MySpace, if they have their own page."

- When you come onto the site, they will have a profile page you need to fill out-- not only just asking your birth date, but gender, likes, dislikes, et cetera so they can -- if you so choose, and opt to -- develop a customized page for Bud.TV. Say, you like their "Happy Hour Show," the "Comedy Show" and "Hollywood," and that is all you want to see when it is refreshed. You can opt in, put it on your desktop, and when it is refreshed there will be a ding, or a sound, that you know you have refreshed content on the site.

In this author's opinion this is brilliant. Why force a user to go through the process of the public browser (it makes the IE vs. Mozilla issue moot!) and searching a site when you can offer the content they want automatically straight to their desktop. We have discussed this for two years and it is great to see someone taking advantage of this opportunity!

The link to the full article and it is a long one - but well worth the read...
Anheuser-Busch Speaks! Execs Talk Bud.TV

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