Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Hybrid Home

One thing about digital media, and all of the great web 2.0 and soon to be web 3.0 stuff that is available is that it pushes innovation. I love innovation in most capacities. I thrive on it. It excites me. I love seeing new and better ways to do things.

This is a bit of a stray for me but I have to get it out there. I was reading BusinessWeek Magazine tonight and saw this ad for the second or third time - the BASF Hybrid Home. I had to learn more about this house so I went and checked out the BASF web site. I am not even someone who is that into environmental issues, but this house makes too much sense.

This house was built in New Jersey by BASF with all super efficient materials, surpassing all building codes for structure, strength, and insurance requirements and taking a very non-traditional approach to building a home. The results? A home that is faster to build, surpasses all local building codes, lower cost to insure, an 85% reduction in annual energy costs and a lower cost of materials. It also qualifies for special financing due to it's status as a near-zero energy home.

Where can I get one?

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